Overcoming language barriers.

Learning a new language can be difficult and a little scary but, English is a universal language that can connect to many people in different countries. I found that learning a language from a native makes it easier, since you have teachers from different countries, you can learn a lot of different things from them. Come join us and let’s break down barriers together. I’m looking forward to meeting you.



01Your current hobby.(マイブームは?)
Reading and watching anime (読書とアニメ鑑賞)
02Your favorite country / region.(好きな国/地域は?)
I respect all places for being unique (全ての場所がユニーク)
03Your favorite Japanese food.(好きな日本の食べ物は?)
curry and rice (カレーライス)
04Your dream when you were a child.(子供の頃の夢は?)
To be a superhero (スーパーヒーロー)
05What made you interested in Japan ?(日本に興味をもったキッカケは?)
When I was younger, I loved watching anime, however, I didn’t know where they were made. I started doing research and started to become very interested in many different traditions, custom and culture. It was different from my own. I really admire how unique Japan is and also love how friendly and kind they are. I wanted to know more and also want to see and learn the language and country.